Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Bobby Ross - Retires

Three years into his five year contract, Bobby Ross retired yesterday as head coach of Army football. It is easy to state that he never lived up to the hype/hope from when he was hired. I think he did more than some of us, long time season ticket holders, thought possible. In the two seasons prior to Ross's arrival Army was a combined 1-25 including an unprecedented 0-13 in 2003. With two wins in 2004 and four wins in 2005 the fans had reason to believe there was at least a chance for the Black Knights to win on any game day. Even during the 2006 season, a disappointing 3-9 record, there were the occasional flashes of what could be. Most notably, a fantastic game against Texas A&M in September where up to the final moments Army had a chance to win against a much bigger, stronger and faster opponent.

Thanks for bringing a glimmer of hope to the true Army fans, enjoy your retirement.



Anonymous said...

Meh...This is a good thing for Army FB. I cannot discern the improvement that you allege has taken place in the last 3 years. Sure there were "glimmers" of improvement but so was there during Berry-ball days. What I saw in person, most significantly AF in 2006, was that this team has not taken the steps it needs to be competitive a la USNA or the zoomies.

BR's departure opens the door for something to change, not least of which will be the immediate removal of that fraud of an OC - Bobby's little boy - as a chance for something better to happen.

I am now more optimistic than I have been in many years for the team. Especially after hearing Coach Brock's poignant remarks at the press conference.

My $0.02.

dennis said...

First, I have not yet read/heard Brock's remarks, but will check them out this weekend.

I never meant to say it was good or bad for Army...but a comparison to Todd Berry is a bit harsh. Berry was 5-35 in 3+ years at Army.

Army FB Coach Records can be found here:

After 15+ years of Young and Sutton a change was certainly needed, but Berry was wrong from the start (as well as the AD that brought him in -- I can't remember his name though).

Of course, hindsight is 20/20. If I recall correctly, back in '99 many people we stating Army had to get away from the wishbone and open up the offense a bit. Now...the opposite. Army can not recruit the same caliber athlete (size/strength/speed) that is needed for a top notch passing game, but can recruit and use the already strong teamwork mentality of the Black Knights to successfully compete using a running game.

One other thing surely making recruiting tougher, many things have changed since 1999, including a more public reality of what going to the USMA truly means as a calling and not just some other institue of higher learning.

I'd be happy to continue to see some more competetive games rather than the blowouts that have been all too common in the past.