Friday, December 22, 2006

UVM Catamounts - Men's Hockey

I don't think UVM hocky is getting much respect nationally, which is odd since they moved to the much stronger Hockey East from the ECAC. As of Dec 18th, UVM is ranked 13th, behind UNH (2), Maine (5), BC (7), and BU (9); however, UVM is 2nd (tied with BC and behind UNH) in Hockey East and has defeated BU and Maine this season. What the f....? Of course I have not looked at SOS, comparative records against similar opponents, etc. But why do that when you can easily just compare apples to oranges and make a blanket statement like WTF? and play the "UVM men's hockey gets no respect" card.

Anyway, just my random ramblings on the national mens hockey poll as of 12/18.